Backing Tracks For Guitar

Backing Tracks For Guitar

Guitar backing tracks are a fun way to practice. Without them you can of course practice your regular chops etc. and you can also play over a recording, but then you sort of have to compete with the guitarist on said recording (although that does have its own benefits). Backing tracks come in all shapes and sizes of course, and you can find backing tracks for guitar, backing tracks for vocals and probably even backing tracks for kazoos.
You can also find jamtracks that are either made by recognized artists, or made to sound like them.

Here’s one in the style of Yngwie Malmsteen, for your viewing pleasure.


Many people have realized that backing tracks are great. Steve Vai, for instance, has realized this and has released his very own set of backing tracks, with a Steve Vai Backing Track for every occasion you could want. A Gary Moore Backing Track is also available. Also, a Joe Satriani backing track can be a good thing, as his songs are often quite a bit easier to jam over than Steve Vai’s.

So, just find yourself some backing tracks and jam over those. It’ll do you good.

Backing Track

More to come later.


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